Thanks for stopping by.  Just desired to introduce myself and provide a brief summary of who I'm.  My name Is Rod Smith as well as plumbing related continues to be my personal factor for over 20 years. 

I began working with my personal father’s plumbing business and I started researching drinking water in general. 

Next, I made a decision to get involved with water conditioning business because I truly enjoyed helping people with their own hard water problems. 
 I really desired to help people discover the best water purification system and figured I could have some fun doing the work.   At this time, I think will be able to have some fun doing this quietly and maybe have extra income doing the work.    I am single along with 2 children and that i adore hiking, studying and taking my personal canine for a stroll.      Well which regarding does it.  This is a weblog regarding drinking water and never regarding me personally ;)