The properties of alkaline water is thought to be beneficial to our body and became viral for years. Its advantages are outstanding based on users’ stories and they are suggesting such use to others as well. So what is alkaline water? The word “alkaline” simply represents the pH level of water. The lower the value, the more acidic the water is.

Why use alkaline water

There are numerous health benefits you could get from consuming alkaline water instead of consuming tap or filtered water. There are cases reported that drinking of it will help condition like hypertensions, increased cholesterol, diabetes and any other health problems. These benefits was experienced over a period of 3 to 6 months of alkaline water consumption. However, among these benefits, the most prominent is its ability to stabilize the pH level in the body in order to produce health benefits. This is a perfect answer to avoid encountering acid reflux because it prevents build-up of too much acid in the stomach.

Where does alkaline water come from?

Alkaline water is from natural water resources like streams. Naturally, water becomes less acidic or alkaline after passing through rocks. However, such source of water is not accessible to many people. This is the very reason why companies have come up with the decision of selling bottled alkaline water. This bottled water has a good pH level of 8.5 while the pH level content of tap water only ranges from 6 to 7. Therefore, it varies lots of health advantages than consuming tap water.

What are water ionizers?

Some individuals are already satisfied with bottled alkaline water but others wants to produce their own. Thanks to the introduction of water ionizers, anyone can now enjoy an unlimited source of alkaline water. The Russian scientists are the ones who invented the ionizing machine. Electrolysis is the process done to alter the acidity level of the water from high acid content turning it to less acidic. The process of electrolysis involves the separation of the acidic water molecules from those that are not. The acidic portion of the water instantly goes down the drain as the alkaline part goes to your glass of water. Users of water ionizing machine are able to pick certain pH level of their water varying from 8.5 up to 9.5 pH level.

Gains of owning water ionizing machine

 Though this innovative machinery does not come cheap, it is worth all the money you are going to spend. Indeed, this machine is a great investment for it will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read further and you will see other reasons why you have to consider having such machinery.

 First, you should think about the reality of how acidic most of the individuals body are. Good thing that alkaline water does wonders in stabilizing your bloods pH level. The function of it doesn't work directly with the blood, but it strengthens the alkaline level of the body enable for you to have a good level of blood’s pH. It is crucial to uphold a 7.365 pH level in our body, mainly because when body comes acidic it will neutralize other minerals in our body which are needed in other body functions.

Second, the anti-oxidant property of ionized water helps in neutralizing free radicals in the body. Unsound cells causes stress and depression, in which these cells takes electron from normal working cells that creates chain reaction. So, drinking this water can help stabilize your cells in times you feel so much stress.
Third, it hydrates your body pretty well. Tap water doesn’t always taste good that's why plenty of people do not wish to consume it. This is why they tend to drink flavoured beverages. But with ionized water, people will be tempted to consume it a this water is extremely refreshing.

The human body is comprised of 70% water. That's the primary reason why we need to keep good level of water in our body so we can avoid having various illnesses. Consuming alkaline or ionized water is very advantageous because the water molecules are smaller, so they can easily penetrate the cells.